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QI Publications: the following publications are notable literature about the science and origins of QI. The Institutes of Medicine (IOM) publications highlighted the importance of patient safety and improved quality of care in medicine. The SQUIRE publications helped standardize the means by which quality improvement work can be communicated in the healthcare community.  The IHI White Paper set the stage for the Model for Improvement.

Click on the links below to be sent to the articles located on EXTERNAL publishers’ websites.  We have attempted to include links to the publicly available material when possible. However, for some of these publications, your institution must have access to the journal in which the material was published (i.e., institutional or personal subscription).  

Bates 2019 QI Basics Crash Course

Crossing the Quality Chasm

Davidoff 2005 Beginnings of SQUIRE

High Reliability Outcomes 2013

IHI Breakthrough Series White Paper 2003

Kaplan 2012 MUSIQ

Leis 2017 PDSA Primer

Ogrinc 2015 SQUIRE 2

Portela 2015 Improvement Study Types

Reed 2014 Action Effective Method

Reed 2016 Problem with PDSA

Sampling Considerations for Health Care

Taylor 2014 PDSA Systematic Review

TCAB How to Guide Engaging Front Line Staff September 2008

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