QI Sample Projects

red stethescope

The following material include actual project summaries (either as PowerPoint presentations or as Posters) made by PCICS members regarding actual projects they have worked on. These examples are intended to help members get insights into how a project may be undertaken in every phase of the QI project.

Key Driver Diagrams

HRR GrandRounds

Lurie Discharge and Length of Stay

MCT Project QI Process for PC4 Meeting

Navigating the IRB

Chylothorax Update

Sustaining Improvements in CLASBI Reduction in a Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

TZ Forum Presentation

Withdrawal Minimization - Example of Process Improvement (Amirnovin)


Please note that all projects are the sole possession of the institutions and the members who have shared them- no replication or use of this material is allowed without the explicit written consent of those contributors.  The purpose of these example projects is exclusively educational – they have not been specifically vetted by the PCICS, nor are they in the public domain.

  • If you have an interest in submitting your own project summaries please e-mail Rambod Amirnovin, MD (link: raamirno@gmail.com).