Connections Committee

David K. Werho, MD

David K. Werho, MD

The Connections Committee aims to facilitate and maintain communication for PCICS and its membership. This includes the website, social media, and any other channels of communication.  

Over the past year, the Connections Committee has been busy updating the website to include more content and improve visibility and organization so members can easily navigate our resources. Over the coming months, there will be continued updates and each of the PCICS working committees will have pages where they can keep members updated with their current progress, projects, goals, and resources.  

In addition to updating the website, we have been keeping the social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn up-to-date and we created the new PCICS Challenging Cases Podcast, in which we discuss interesting or challenging pediatric cardiac ICU cases submitted by PCICS members. The first episode of the podcast is available for download now and subsequent episodes will be posted quarterly.  

Finally, we put together this newsletter which will be distributed quarterly and will keep the PCICS membership updated on all the activities and news going on within the society. Suggestions for newsletter content, editorial pieces, interesting science, challenging cases, members in the news, nursing or trainee/junior faculty discussions, or any feedback on the newsletter can be submitted to the editor at

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