Getting the Word Out

David K. Werho, MD
PCICS Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

David K. Werho, MD

I am honored to introduce this first edition of the PCICS Newsletter. As someone relatively early in my involvement with PCICS, I have often found myself wondering what’s going on behind the scenes. What is the society doing? What do the committees do?  What kinds of changes to our field have we been making? Hopefully, this quarterly newsletter will get the word out about our accomplishments and upcoming goals and challenges. I think the best way to encourage involvement is to inform members about what’s going on and how they can get involved. 

Of course, that means we need content. We are a society of extremely busy professionals, so I was filled with trepidation about what to include in this newsletter. I am incredibly grateful to the various PCICS committees and the Board of Directors for offering so many contributions to share with the PCICS membership. I’m also very grateful for the behind the scenes work of Sandra Peterson, Beverly Bernard and the Connections Committee team who made this newsletter possible: Sarah Tabbutt, John Costello, Mary Taylor, and Vijay Anand (the associate editor). However, this newsletter is truly for the membership, and we welcome members to submit content for future editions.  Please email any suggestions or proposed editorials, opinions, or content to dwerho@rchsd.org.

In this inaugural edition of the newsletter, we have updates from our president, Sandra Staveski, as well as from many of the PCICS working committees. We get a preview of the upcoming meeting in Washington, DC from the Program Committee, an overview of the progress toward board certification and the new advanced practice provider curriculum from the Education Committee, as well as updates from the Connections, Research and International Committees. In addition to the sections highlighting committee news and accomplishments, we have sections dedicated to nursing involvement in the society and for trainees and junior faculty members. In our first guest editorial, Sarah Tabbutt offers highlights from the recent World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery meeting in Barcelona. Finally, we have information about subscribing to the first episode of our brand new PCICS Challenging Cases Podcast. 

Honestly, a year ago, I had no earthly clue what was going on within PCICS.  Hopefully, with this newsletter, we’re getting the word out to highlight some of the remarkable successes of our society and make it easier for members to get involved. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful, safe summer!

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