Sandra Staveski, PhD, RN, CPNP-AC
President, Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society

Sandra Staveski, PhD, RN, CPNP-AC

As pediatric cardiac critical care clinicians, we practice in integrated teams that provide highly specialized care to infants, children, adolescents, and adults with heart disease. The Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society (PCICS) acknowledges the importance of the interprofessional team. Thus, nursing and allied healthcare providers share in the Board of Directors authority and in the responsibilities of growing and supporting our subspecialty. This is an important advance for pediatric cardiovascular nursing practice and helps us reach the Institute of Medicine’s strategic goal of nurses to work to their fullest scope of practice. This section of the newsletter will highlight nurses’ contributions, accomplishments, and specific issues unique to our nursing practice. Here is a summary of some of nursing’s 2017 contributions and accomplishments.

Nurses on the Board of Directors include Dot Beke, RN, MS, CPNP; Melissa Jones, RN, MS, CPNP-AC; Lindsey Justice, RN, DNP, CPNP-AC; Louise Callow, RN, MS, CPNP-AC; Jean Connor, RN, PhD, CPNP; Lisa Kohr, RN, MS, CPNP-AC, MPH; Dawn Tucker, RN, DNP, CPNP-AC and Sandy Staveski, PhD, RN, CPNP-AC. Currently, Sandy Staveski is the PCICS President.

Program Committee: Melissa Jones is a Program Committee co-chair.  She is leading (or has led) efforts to develop the 13th International Meeting in Washington, DC this December and has begun planning the 14th International Meeting in Miami in December, 2018. Additionally, Melissa, with the program committee, has organized a luncheon session at the World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery in Barcelona and had a proposal for a session accepted at the World Congress of Pediatric Intensive Care Societies in Singapore, June 2018. Other nurses on the Program Committee include Lindsey Justice, Dot Beke, and Megan Tracey, RN, MS, CPNP. 

Education Committee: Dot Beke is an Education Committee co-chair and is leading development and expansion of the Nursing Guidelines to include practices associated with low and middle income countries. Please visit our PCICS website to review the nursing care guidelines for adults with congenital heart disease, neonatal and pediatric care, and care of congenital hearts defects (Here).  In addition, Melissa Jones has edited a new edition of the CICU Handbook which is available for purchase at the PCICS website. Finally, Louise Callow and Lindsey Justice are developing a PCICU Advanced Practice Provider Curriculum, review course, simulation training program, and examination. Other nurses on the education committee include Mary Rummell, RN, MS, CPNP; Lindsey Justice; Louise Callow; Melissa Jones; Christine Riley, RN, MS, CPNP and Cecilia Hyslop, RN, MS.

Research Committee:  Sandy Staveski is a Research Committee co-chair.  The Research Committee has four working groups: 1) Scientific Review, 2) Research Briefs, 3) White Papers, and 4) Scientific Innovation.  Nancy Pike, RN, PhD, CPNP-AC is a co-chair of Scientific Review, Jean Connor is a co-chair of White Papers, and Karen Uzark, RN, PhD, CPNP is a co-chair of Research Briefs. Their efforts to advance research, and specifically nursing research, are remarkable.

Quality Improvement:  Amy Donnellan, RN, DNP, CPNP-AC, Jean Storey, RN, MS, and Lisa Kohr are committee members. 

Connections:  Jill Coronado, RN and Jill Zender, RN are committee members.  Jill Coronado is a co-chair of the membership sub-group and Jill Zender is working with the subgroup on social media.

International Committee:  Rohini Paul, RN, PhD and Dot Beke are members. Dot Beke is leading the expansion of the nursing guidelines to support nurses in low and middle income countries.

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