Change is Good, Especially At The End Of A Year Like 2020


Nearly 4 years ago, as a PICU trainee still on the job hunt, I was “voluntold” that I would be in charge of creating a newsletter for PCICS. With literally no editorial experience, but tons of great mentorship and support from folks like Sarah Tabbutt, Mary Taylor, Sandy Staveski, and John Costello, as well as a great associate editor, Vijay Anand, we embarked upon the Summer 2017 edition of this newsletter. It has evolved over the years, but I believe that it has always served its purpose – to keep clear lines of communication open between the society and its membership, while also highlighting the fantastic and ever-expanding work of our committees, including great content for early-career physicians/trainees and nursing members.

The addition of two new associate editors, Ivie Esangbedo and Jarrod Knudson, brought great ideas such as our themed editions (cardiac arrest, renal cardiac critical care, the surgeon’s role in our field, etc) and the new management of the society by IMI has allowed for a new publication format with more capabilities. I’m proud of the newsletter and am so thankful for all the opportunities that it has given me so early in my career. However, change is always necessary for growth, and I’m excited to hand over the reins to Ivie so she can continue to innovate and create great content and communication going forward.

We have some really unique content in this edition, with several editorials exploring the role of cardiac critical care in interstage and home monitoring programs as well as the impact of COVID-19 on the delivery of this highly specialized care. We also have a fantastic compilation of stories from cardiac ICUs around the world and how they’ve been impacted by the pandemic, as well as other committee updates and a preview of the Virtual PCICS Annual Meeting, which will take place this December.

As always, we value your input and continue to look for eager PCICS physician, nursing, and allied health members who want to get more involved or contribute to the newsletter. Please email with any feedback or if you’d like to get involved on the PCICS Newsletter Editorial Board.

Thank you to all our readers!



David K. Werho, Editor-in-Chief, PCICS Newsletter

Pediatric Cardiac Intensivist, Assistant Clinical Professor
Rady Children’s Hospital
San Diego, UC San Diego