Virtual Programs


How to Safely and Effectively Provide Enteral Nutrition in Critically Ill Children With Congenital Heart Disease

Date: June 20th, 3:00 pm (EST)
Location: Virtual

•Review the prevalence of malnutrition and mechanism of growth failure

•Discussion how to determine and what are the energy and protein goals

•Review initiation and advancement of enteral nutrition along the continuum of critical illness

•Examine the benefits of human milk

•Discuss important considerations when choosing enteral formulas

Virtual Nurse Curriculum Course

Location: Virtual

This virtual course took place in 2023.  Each of the thirteen sessions consists of a didactic portion followed by a panel discussion and provided detailed knowledge, stimulated critical thinking, and highlighted management skills that are necessary to provide care for the most fragile cardiovascular patients and their families.

The content from those thirteen sessions is available for purchase as a whole or per session.  Those who purchase the entire course will receive a copy of the PCICS Nurse Curriculum book.