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Professional Mentorship and Sponsorship in the CICU

Date: On Demand
Cost: FREE for Members

Please join our panel of acclaimed mentors in our field - Dr. David Cooper from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Dr. Catherine Krawczeski from Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Dr. Monique Gardner from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia who will be interviewed by Dr. Meghna Patel from Stanford Children’s.

This webinar will be presented live and allow opportunity for Q&A with the panel, but if you are unable to join, the recorded content will be available for PCICS members after the event.

Dual Board HomeBase Panel

Date: On Demand
Cost: FREE for Members

"Negotiating contracts and transitioning to early faculty" It will be a one-hour interactive virtual Q&A for all interested trainees to learn about the job search and gain a better understanding of transitioning to early faculty. Participants will also be able to ask questions to dual-boarded trainees going through the process, those who have recently completed the process, and those who have successfully transitioned to faculty.

Who should attend? All prospective/current fellows who are interested in pursuing dual fellowship training in cardiac critical care.

Speakers: Brian Han, Elizabeth Thompson, Maria Batsis, David Werho MD,  Darren Klugman MD,  Amee Bigelow MD, Sarah Tabbutt, Catherine Krawczeski MD, Saidie Rodriguez MD

APP and MD Early Career Workshop

Date: On Demand

Join top industry experts empowering physicians and advanced practice providers in job searches, contract negotiations, and financial well-being:
  • Stacey Lee, JD Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Health care negotiations expert. Master negotiation techniques, language and skills.
  • Kyle Claussen – CEO, Resolve. Access real contract data and expert guidance to negotiate fair terms.
  • Chris Fundora, CFP®️, CRPS®️ – Wealth Management expert. Learn effective debt and wealth management strategies.
  • Panel of Medical Directors and APP Leadership. Acquire insider tips to excel in both in-person and remote interviews:
    • Roxanne Kirsch, MD, MBE, FRCPC. Interim Division Head, Cardiac Critical Care Medicine, Sick Kids, Toronto, ON, CA
    • Stephen Roth, MD. Former Division Chief, Pediatric Cardiology and Associate CMO, Critical Care Services Stanford Children’s Health, Palo Alto, CA
    • Erin Dugan, MSN, CPNP-AC. Director of APP, Levine Children’s Hosp, Charlotte, NC


Those who registered for the live event can view the on demand content by clicking the button below:

Dual Board HomeBase - Dual Board Training Q&A

Date: On Demand
Cost: FREE for Members

With multiple pathways and different options, the pathway through dual fellowship training can be confusing. This 1-hour interactive virtual Q&A is an opportunity for all interested trainees to learn more about the different options that exist, better understand what to look for in programs, and hear insights from cardiology and PICU program directors.

Speakers: Catherine Krawczeski MD, Kevin Kuo MD, Jennifer Blumenthal MD, Lauren Zager MD, Grace Kung MD, & David Werho MD

PCICS Annual Meeting

Date: On Demand
Cost: $25 - $70

Did you miss a session at the PCICS 2022 Annual Meeting. Were you tied up at work an unable to attend?

You still have the opportunity to benefit from the valuable content! Recordings from select annual meeting sessions are available for you to review or watch for the first time.  Some sessions are available for continuing education credits. Other sessions are available for gaining knowledge and insight about the topic.

Topics Include:

  • Ongoing Challenges in the CICU
  • RV Failure: A New Hope
  • Social Media in the CICU and the ACCU.
  • Mental Health Inside and After the CICU
  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Rescuing the Brain and the Heart
  • LCOS is 2022: Are We Still Sitting at the Bedside All Night?
  • Complex Decision Making - Case Based Learning
  • And Much More

The listing in the PCICS learning management system will indicate which sessions are available for continuing education credit and how to earn credit. The deadline to claim credits is September 29, 2023.

If you didn’t register to attend the Annual Meeting, you may purchase access to the recordings HERE.

Annual Meeting registrants have access to the content for free.  Annual Meeting registrants with a PCICS account, CLICK HERE TO LOGIN AND WATCH.

Annual Meeting registrants without a PCICS account, use the email address you used to register for the Annual Meeting and CREATE AN ACCOUNT.  Please note that it may take up to 72 business hours for the account you create to be active.  When your account has been created, use your credentials to CLICK HERE TO LOGIN AND WATCH.

POCUS in the Cardiac ICU

Date: On Demand
Cost: FREE for Members

Guests: Erik Su, MD and Benjamin Kozyak, MD

Hosts: Maryam Naim, MD and Jason Buckley, MD

Exclusive Human Milk Diet in Infants with Congenital Heart Disease

Date: On Demand
Cost: FREE for Members

Guests: Lindsey Justice, NP and Megan Horsley RD

Hosts:  Maryam Naim, MD and Jill Zender, NP

Salary Data & Contract Review Tips

Date: On Demand
Cost: FREE for Members

Can't attend the live session? The program will be available on demand for those who are not able to attend.

How do you know what you are worth? What's in a normal contract? How do I know if I have leverage? Kyle Claussen, CEO of Resolve, will join us to discuss the most problematic issues in physician contracts, including:

• Compensation • Call Coverage • Maternity Leave • Non-competes
• Side Gigs • Intellectual Property • Private Equity Buy-outs • & More

Challenging CICU Dogma

Date: On Demand
Cost: FREE for Members

This is the first installment in the Best of the Pandemic Series. This popular session from the 2020 PCICS Annual Meeting features Sarah Teele and Geoff Bird moderating. Individual sessions include:

  • Why It Is Critically Important to Challenge Dogma  Presenter: Geoff Bird
  • Better Resources Equal Better Outcomes Presenter: Alexis Palacios-Macedo
  • The Role of the Cardiac Intensivist Is Best Handled Presenter: Sinai Zyblewski
  • Every Bounce Back to the CICU is Bad  Presenter: Nicolas Madsen
  • We Learn from Our Mistakes We Understand the Problems Presenter: Peter Laussen
  • Panel: Challenging CICU Dogma - all presenters on a panel answering questions.


Transfusion Anemia eXpert Initiative – Control/Avoidance of Bleeding (TAXI-CAB) Recommendations

Date: On Demand
Cost: FREE for Members

This previously recorded webinar discusses a comprehensive series of consensus statements created by a group of 29 experts in pediatric hemostasis/transfusion medicine and recommendations for plasma and platelet transfusion strategies for children following cardiopulmonary bypass or supported by extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

Marianne Nellis, MD, Weill Cornell Medicine
Jill Cholette, MD, University of Rochester
Jill Zender, APRN, CPNP-AC, University of Texas Southwestern