Fellowship Programs

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Cardiac Intensive Care Fellowship Training Programs

Consensus Statement from the PCICS Subcommittee of Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Training Program Directors

Thank you for your interest in advanced training in pediatric cardiac critical care. The ACGME does not currently accredit this training pathway, however, a national standard for training has been created and these advanced fellowships are accepted as the standard of care for new pediatric cardiac intensivists.

The programs in the US and Canada have collaborated to create a common application and application cycle for positions starting July 2023. Prior to accessing the form, we ask that you please complete the registration portal questionnaire found here. You will then be given a link directly to the application.

The application timeline is as follows:

June 1, 2022: Registration on PCICS website will open and common application form will be available
July 1, 2022: Programs start accepting applications
October 1, 2022: Programs start offering positions

Application timeline update (posted 8/30/22): Programs will start offering positions on October 3, 2022 instead of the originally posted October 1, 2022.

Application requirements include the following:

  1. Registration questionnaire
  2. Common application form
  3. Curriculum vitae
  4. Three letters of recommendation. One letter should be from the director of your most recent/current fellowship training program or from the medical director at the institution you are currently practicing.
  5. Personal statement
  6. Copy of medical diploma

All application materials must be submitted to each program individually. Individual programs may request additional supplemental information from applicants. Interviews will be arranged by the individual programs. Please do not contact PCICS regarding the status of your application.