Research Surveys

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Conducting research and want to survey PCICS members? The PCICS members-only research surveys process, which is conducted twice a year, allows you to do just that.

An overview of the process and timeline follows:

  • Calls for Applications for Research Surveys are issued two times a year – in March and September – and are open for 30 days
  • Applications must be submitted by email.
  • Applications for Research Surveys can only be submitted by members of PCICS and must include:
      • Submitting member and institution
      • Co-authors and institutions
      • One-page proposal
      • Target PCICS member audience (e.g. all members, fellows/trainees, nurses, advanced practice providers, and other allied health providers)
      • Methodology summary describing development of survey, reliability and validity testing, targeted response rate, and how data will be stored and protected
      • Anticipated timeline for study, including presentation and manuscript plan, and commitment from PI to submit an abstract of findings to a PCICS meeting (may also be submitted elsewhere) and a summary of results in the PCICS newsletter once published
      • Cover letter for participants
      • Research survey Questions
  • Applications for Research Surveys will be reviewed by the PCICS Scientific Review/Research Subcommittee and the Board of Directors
      • Reviewers will submit “grades” to the Scientific Research Committee co-chairs who will select final applications for approval by the Board of Directors
      • The approved PI will make any required edits based on the review and will provide a link to the survey for PCICS to send to the target audience
      • The survey will be open for 30 days
      • Reminders will be sent two weeks into the month and will include the current response rate as well as the target response rate
  • Two research surveys will be selected during each cycle
  • A report of research results and a dissemination plan must be submitted to the PCICS Scientific Research Committee 90 days after the close of the research survey
  • Presentations and manuscripts must acknowledge PCICS
  • Applications that are finalists but not selected may be resubmitted once for consideration


March 1 and September 1 – Call for Applications for Research Surveys open for 30 days

April 15 and October 15 – Reviewers grades submitted to the Scientific Research Committee Co-chairs

April 30 and October 31 – Final two Applications for Research Surveys selected and submitted for approval by the Board of Directors

May 1 and November 1 – Approval sent to PI and any required edits

May 15 and November 15 – PI submits required edits for review

May 25 and November 25 – PI submits research survey link

June 1 and December 1 – PCICS sends research survey link to target audience and provides PI with the number of email recipients

June 15 and December 15 – Research survey reminder sent with current and target response rates

June 30 and December 31 – Research survey closes

September 30 and March 31 – A report of research results and a dissemination plan submitted to Scientific Research Committee