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Promoting Non- PCICS Meetings

  1. The request for meeting endorsement will be reviewed and approved by the PCICS Executive Committee. PCICS will prioritize meetings related to pediatric cardiology and pediatric ICU.
  2. PCICS will announce the meeting on the Events page on the website.
  3. PCICS will post the meeting information once one each of its social media platforms. P
  4. CICS will accept printed material to have on a literature table at its Annual Meeting.

Promoting PCICS meetings and membership at non PCICS Meetings

  1. Once approved, PCICS will email membership and Annual Meeting information to the PCICS representative attending the endorsed meeting.

If printing is not feasible, and with the approval of the Executive Committee, materials will be shipped to the PCICS representative attending the endorsed meeting or to the organizer of the endorsed meeting for distribution during the meeting.