Collaborative Update from the Education, QI, and Research Committees


Protocol Warehouse is here!

We are excited to share with our members the news of a new collaborative project – Protocol Warehouse! Our members are from many diverse hospitals with great ideas that improve patient care. Treatment protocols often help drive that improvement. However, one barrier to creating these protocols is the time and experience necessary to build them. We often reach out to a few colleagues for ideas. One central location where clinicians looking to build better practices can find many protocol examples would help disseminate good ideas and facilitate building better protocols faster.

This ‘protocol warehouse’ has been built on the PCICS website where any member can view or contribute. It includes feeding protocols, post-operative treatment pathways, anti-coagulation protocols, etc. We believe this will be of great value to our members! Please browse the early submissions using the following instructions (screenshot attached):

Log in to the PCICS website > Click “Resources” on the left bar menu > Click the folder “Protocol Warehouse” > Three sub-folders are available: “Clinical Pathways and Protocols”, “Post-operative Protocols” and “Other Protocols”.

We also need your help to realize the goals of this project.  We are asking that you, or someone from your institutions, upload any protocols you think others could benefit from. This is a chance to show off your work!

There are many sub-folders, just find where your protocol fits best. Upload your protocol where it would apply and consider that some protocols could be appropriate for several folders to make them easier to find. When uploading, please format the file as a PDF and title your protocol with your institution’s name and the type of protocol. Other data fields that need to be completed include contact person, date of upload, and contact information (under “description”).

We appreciate your help as we launch this exciting new project. Please contact us for help in any step of the process.


Jamie Penk MD

Cardiac Intensivist, Cardiology
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology), Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Chicago, IL, USA


Melina Handley, DNP

Cardiac ICU APP Supervisor
Cardiac ICU Nurse Practitioner
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Seattle, WA, USA


Justine Fortkiewicz MSN, RN-BC, CCRN-K, CPN

Professional Practice Specialist
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Children’s National Health System
Washington, DC, USA