Connections Committee February 2021 Update


This has been a busy and exciting year for the Connections Committee! The need to shift all communication and education to virtual platforms has provided opportunity for our committee to step up and help facilitate virtual networking opportunities. Early in the pandemic, members from our committee worked with the Board of Directors to establish a COVID-19 message board to open lines of communication and provide an opportunity to discuss ways to provide the best care for our patients during the rapidly changing situations that COVID-19 continues to throw at us. The virtual meeting format provided an opportunity for the social media subcommittee to play a huge role in promotion before and after the meeting. Over 120 people Tweeted about the meeting using #PCICS2020 with 542 Tweets and 895,000 impressions! Thank you to our top three influencers, David Werho, Kiona Allen and Justin Elhoff, for helping to spread the word and share your thoughts about this fantastic meeting! Each of these posts generated great discussion and small piece of networking and socializing we have come to look forward to every December.

Finally, we want to thank Mary Taylor who rolls off as co-chair this month. She was part of the founding leadership for this committee and it is humbling to look back and see how far we have come. Thank you, Mary, for all of your hard work!


Jill Zender, APRN, CPNP-AC

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Nurse Practitioner
Texas Children’s Hospital