Finance Committee


The Finance Committee would like to welcome Dr. David Werho as co-chair and PCICS Treasurer and thank Lindsey Justice for her years of service as Treasurer and co-chair as she becomes the PCICS vice-president. Dr. Werho will be joining current co-chair Michael Fundora and the rest of the committee as we continue to build off a successful 2022 and excellent Miami conference. The Society continues to be in a solid financial position with plans to continue to grow multiple revenue lines, investments, and meet the growing needs of the Society. The next year will direct our focus to maintaining our mission, supporting our new non-profit foundation, and supporting our partners at the World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery in Washington, D.C.

Upcoming business: The committee will be planning to meet with our financial advisor at UBS to monitor our portfolio and explore opportunities for growth in accordance with our Investment Guidelines.

Budget/Post-Meeting Update: We had a very successful Annual International Meeting in Miami, with over 800 attendees.  It was our largest meeting since IMI Association Executives has taken over as our management company and we also had extremely high support from our hospital partners and industry supporters.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s meeting a success, which helped keep our 2022 budget in balance despite a year full of financial uncertainty.

Foundation Subcommittee: The Foundation Subcommittee led by Amy Donnellan has made excellent progress in developing the mission and vision for the PCICS Foundation, which will launch in early 2023.  We look forward to the work of the Foundation to help us seek philanthropy and educational grants to meet the needs of our various PCICS programs and courses.

Finally, we want to thank all the hard work of our Finance Committee members in 2022: Mike Fundora, Lindsey Justice, Amy Donnellan, Michael Alice Moga, Bistra Zheleva, Dave Kwiatkowski, Sujata Chakravarti, Joshua Blinder, and Andrew Smith.

We are seeking additional members for our committee, which may include opportunities for liaison positions on other PCICS committees and subcommittees.  If you’re interested in getting involved in PCICS, this is a great opportunity.  Please send your CV and a 1-2 sentence statement of interest to Lee Claassen ( with the subject heading: PCICS Finance.


Dr. David Werho



Dr. Michael Fundora