Connections Committee Update


Greetings from the Connections Committee!

The Connections Committee is anticipating a few changes in the next several months. Firstly, we would like to congratulate Deanna Tzanetos, MD, as she will be taking over as co-chair of the Connections Committee starting in January 2024. Deanna is currently a co-executive producer of the PCICS Podcast. She takes over leadership of the Connections Committee from Ivie Esangbedo, MD, whose two-year term will end in December 2023. We want to thank Ivie for her time and commitment to PCICS and to the Connections Committee.

In addition, Ivie is stepping down from her role as Editor of the PCICS Newsletter in December 2023 – a role she served in for 3 years, after spending 2+ years as Associate Editor. Ivie will continue to serve on the Connections Committee, and specifically continue on the Newsletter subcommittee.

Kriti Puri, MD, will be the new Editor of the Newsletter. Kriti is currently an Associate Editor of the PCICS Newsletter.

We would like to welcome Oshri Zaulan (SickKids) to the PCICS Connections Committee, where he will serve on two subcommittees (Newsletter and Social Media). We also would like to welcome Laura Miller-Smith (OHSU) to the committee, where she will serve as liaison to the Finance Committee.

The PCICS Podcast continues to produce great content and is available through iTunes and Spotify. The PCICS Newsletter is available online, and links to Newsletter editorials are frequently posted on PCICS social media platforms.

The Social Media committee is focusing on creating some cardiac and critical care content in addition to the current posts created by IMI. If anyone has any suggestions or wants to help out, please contact us!


Ivie D. Esangbedo MD, MPH

Co-Chair, Connections Committee
Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Cardiac Intensivist
University of Washington/Seattle Children’s Hospital

claire rizk headshot

Claire Rizk MSN, CPNP-PC/AC

Co-Chair, Connections Committee
Instructor/Nurse Practitioner
Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital