ESPNIC Interview Series


ESPNIC (European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care) presents two exciting series of interviews with a wide range of people on the ideal training specifications in Paediatric Cardiac Intensive Care.

Our successful first series (published in 2022) addressed some important questions: what should be the ideal training, what are the skillsets required, and how does one go about acquiring these? How can trainees take the most out of their training?

Our fresh-from-the-oven second series involves experts in stakeholder disciplines and the wider multidisciplinary groups. You’ll discover some recurring character traits here: our interviewees represent international societies, focus on supporting the upcoming generations, and are keen on evolving together as partners.

Throughout these interviews, we present personal reflections and experiences from not only established consultants but also early career professionals and those in training! Enjoy exploring the ins and outs of cardiac-intensive-care-oriented mindsets.

The series is available in its entirety on our website.

Zoltan Gyoryi

Zoltán Györgyi MD, FRCPCH