Quality Improvement and Safety Committee Update


2022 flew by! It is hard to believe fall is here and kids are back in the swing of school. Our PCICS Quality Improvement and Safety (QI-S) Committee’s three sub-committees (Education, Resource and Outreach, and Research and Development) have been hard at work trying to complete various projects.

The Education sub-committee (led by Rambod Amirnovin, MD) has compiled valuable QI resources that will be available on the PCICS website at the end of October! These resources include quality content, project examples, curricula, and roadmaps aimed at helping to formulate, develop, and execute QI projects. If you have suggestions for resources, please reach out directly to Rambod (raamirno@gmail.com).

Our Research and Development sub-committee (led by Marissa Brunetti, MD) submitted a survey in the March Call for Surveys to understand and discern different institutions’ quality processes and practices, ultimately with the hope to improve best practices. The sub-committee recently received feedback and plans to resubmit their survey with revisions in the near future.

Lastly, our Resource and Outreach sub-committee (led by Melissa Smith-Parrish, MD) has continued to partner with our Education team and Amy Florez, DNP, to develop a Quality Improvement Learning and Think Tank (QILT) session. Planning meetings have been underway for the session, which will highlight a higher-level QI curriculum and novel quality initiatives at different institutions, with an opportunity for brainstorming, guidance, and mentorship. If you are starting a new QI project or interested in learning more about QI, keep an eye out for an opportunity to participate in this exciting new venture, which we are hoping will come to fruition in the Spring of 2023.

Our committee is looking forward to the annual meeting in Miami this December. After this meeting, I (Dana) will roll off as Co-Chair, and we are starting the process of identifying a new Co-Chair who will serve with Melissa. As always, we are open to new ideas and suggestions, so please feel free to contact myself (Dana) or Melissa with anything!


Dana Mueller MD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care
Rady Children’s Hospital
San Diego, CA



Melissa Winder, NP

Primary Children’s Hospital
Intermountain Healthcare
Salt Lake City, UT